A podcast on speculative and science-fiction
Science-fiction is a genre with generic properties that are very recognizable by many people.
Speculative fiction speaks to a motive. It wants to do something, it wants to speculate about something.

Welcome to the Podcast

We discuss sci-fi and speculative novels and movies!

Spoilers abound. We critique, analyze, and provide contextual information about writers.

Each file consists of 60 minutes of audio. We have a few double-length features. You will need a media player, such as VLC Player.


Samantha L. Murphy, B.A.

Master of Arts candidate at the University of Victoria in Wellington. Among other things, she studies the works of Joanna Russ.

Samantha is a teaching assistant and civil servant. She owns a cat and is a prolific cook.

Phillip A. Lobo, Ph.D

Comparative Literature Ph.D from the University of Southern California, where he wrote his thesis on realism in novels.

Phillip teaches English and uses video games as scholarly texts. Despite his social anxiety, he can and will sing in public.


Thanks to Duan for creating the music that feature in our episodes!
You can find more of his sounds on Soundcloud.

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novel by Jeff VanderMeer
July 10, 2019
The Power

novel by Naomi Alderman
July 10, 2019
The History of Bees

novel by Maja Lunde
Coming Soon